MGMS Training Limited provides psychological services in the areas of online offending and safety. We provide services in the following areas: Online Safety, Child Protection, Online Offending and Forensic Psychology. Download our flyer man holding phone in front of his face

Online Safety 

MGMS Training Limited offers a holistic 3 tiered approach in relation to online safety; providing information sessions, training and guidance for children/students, staff/teachers and parents/carers. 

Firstly, we deliver interactive information sessions for students at primary, post primary and third level. Main topics covered include: Social Networking Sites and Social Messaging Apps, Privacy Settings, Sexting, Mobile Device Safety, Online Reputation & employment, Gaming, Cyber-bullying. 

Secondly, we provide training for school/organisation staff and BOM members outlining the main challenges social media presents for schools/organisations and how to deal with same. 

Thirdly, we provide advice and guidance for parents/carers and members of the community in safeguarding their children online. 

All talks are tailored towards the target audience, individual needs of the school/organisation and the educational/experience level of the students. See some of the organisations we have worked with.                 

Every school should have this talk and every parent should hear it too.....As a Principal I will be inviting Dr. Griffin back on a regular basis.....The feedback from students, parents and teachers was phenomenal. This talk is a must for our students and our parents and teachers. Dr. Griffin certainly knew her topics and her presentation is an eye opener for us all
— Principal Pobalscoil Inbhear Sceine, Kenmare, Co. Kerry.

Child Protection children sitting on bench

MGMS Training provides child protection awareness training, with a specific focus on online behaviours and social media, for professionals and organisations responsible for the care and protection of children. We have worked with HSE organisations such as Child Protection & Welfare; Youth Services; Fostering Department; Autism Services; Children Services.  

As each professional/organisation is faced with its own unique set of challenges, talks are tailored towards the specifics of the organisation and the children involved.

Some while ago Maureen made a presentation to staff in our Department (including Team leaders, Social Workers, family Support Workers, Principal Social Workers).
All found it to be very informative, insightful, and of significant relevance to us, due to the nature of activity involved in Child Protection Social Work. Her work is highly recommended, particularly in this time of great expansion in, and exposure to Social Media.
— Joe Mac Carthy, Principal Social Worker, Child & Family Agency, North Lee Social Work Department

Online Offending 

As specialists in the area of sexual and online offending, we deliver seminars and presentations on Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behaviour courses in Universities across Ireland.

We have also provided lectures on Detective and Sergeant Training Courses within An Garda Síochána and for the Military Police, Irish Defence Forces National and International Courses.

Main topics covered include: Understanding Sexual Offenders and Paraphilias; Risk Assessment & Management of Sexual Offenders; Escalation of Sexual Offending; Online Sex Offenders and Grooming Behaviours; Criminal Profiling; Criminal Motivation; Psychopathy & Personality Disordered Offenders.  

As Chief Instructor Military Police School, I would like to express my gratitude to you for your informative lecture to our International Military Police Course. As always your lecture continues to provide and insight into your profession and exemplifies your extremely high standards. Your professionalism, interest and expertise were a valuable contribution to the success of the course once again
— 12th International Military Police Course, Military Police Corps, Irish Defence Forces

Forensic Psychology 

MGMS Training delivers lectures on Forensic Psychology and Criminal Behaviour Courses in Universities across Ireland. We also provide an insight into what a career in Forensic Psychology entails for secondary school students (e.g. Senior Cycle Career Talks and TY Students); third level students (e.g. Professional Issues Modules); and any other interested parties. 

. . . . She came home from school on Thursday evening utterly preoccupied with you and the talk you had given that day. Apparently all the girls spent the remainder of the day discussing you, your job, the brilliant talk etc. . . . .Thank you so much. It is refreshing to hear of inspirational speakers in a 16 year olds life. You certainly made a huge and fantastic impact on these young girls lives and gave them plenty of food for thought.
— Parent of Senior Cycle Student