The following resources may serve useful for students/parents/teachers regarding social media.

Laya Healthcare & Dr. Maureen Griffin “Your Internet Safety Guide Part 2”

Thanks to the team at Laya Healthcare we have another resource for parents/guardians regarding online safety. You can check out more resources from Laya Healthcare at their Hub “Thrive” or click on the image here to download the guide.

Clarecastle National School Internet and Technology Use Agreement

Congratulations to Clarecastle National School on their Internet and Technology Use Agreement, which serves to help and support both students and parents in managing technology use. It was a pleasure to work with you all on this.

Timmy’s Technology Troubles

Timmy’s Technology Trouble is an exceptional, necessary and must read book. Addressing key issues parents and children face when navigating the world of technology, it does so in a non-judgemental, proactive and fun way. As a professional working in the area of online safety and a parent of two small boys, I have long waited for a book of this calibre. The perfect book to assist parents and children in understanding the impact of technology and managing our use.

See for more information and to get your hands on a copy.

Laya Healthcare Blog “Thrive”

Check out Laya Healthcare’s Blog “Thrive” for articles on Cyberbullying, Social Media Anxiety, Managing Screen Time and lots more. See

Safer Internet Day 2018 

Your Internet Safety Guide by Dr. Maureen Griffin in association with Laya Healthcare 

Useful Websites


Online Safety Infographic by Laya Healthcare & Dr. Maureen Griffin  


Cyber-bullying Infographic by Laya Healthcare & Dr. Maureen Griffin 

Online Gaming Infographic by Laya Healthcare & Dr. Maureen Griffin 



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